What do you think about the American people?

Everybody who reads my English tips here on Inglês na Rede knows that I seldom write articles in English. This happens not because I don’t like it, but because people of all ages and English levels visit my blog, so I just want to be approachable to everyone and their levels, although I personally think it is an almost impossible task.

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What do you think about the American people?

When I was studying at home this week, I bumped into a text about American behavior that it seemed so much similar with us, Brazilians. So today I’d like to share it with you. I’m not sure, but I think you’re gonna agree with me. So, let’s go!

I also uploaded the audio for you to practice your listening skills. Hope you can improve your English. Enjoy!

The audio about american people

Have you ever heard a complete stranger say hello to you as you pass him or her on the street? Don’t worry. That’s not unusual. Americans often greet people they don’t even know. They may talk to strangers while waiting in line, or comment on the weather when standing in an elevator, or even strike up a conversation while sitting next to someone at a public event.

It’s true that this kind of behavior may seem too casual—or even just plain strange—to others, but many Americans consider it friendly. Of course, these little pieces of “small talk” aren’t meant to discuss anything very serious or personal or make new friendships. When they end, the participants go their separate ways and rarely commit to any kind of social involvement.

This is normal for Americans, who often have a lot of acquaintances—at work, in their neighborhoods, at stores and restaurants. But Americans also make an important distinction between casual acquaintances and close friends.

My opinion

Reading this text/article makes me think about everything I’ve heard about the American people. In fact, what I’ve heard was not good, but I think it is not that bad either. Where I work, I have the opportunity of chatting with Americans almost all the time and I can say that what is written above is true.

Americans are very friendly, and they like to have a talk, even though they don’t know you.

But what about you? What do you think about this American way? Do you agree with me? Have you already heard any bad stories about Americans? Share your opinion with us. It’s gonna be a pleasure!

Also, leave your comments about the content and the audio. Cya around!

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