Study English in Northern Ireland [Interchange]

Study in another country  is a dream for every English as a Foreign Language student. For us Brazilians, this more than important, it’s crucial. It allows you to improve your English, get to know new places and learn another culture. One that sometimes is totally different from ours.

Destinations is well spread, but this video above suggests Northern Ireland as a perfect destination. I must say that after watching the video I got with a feeling I should visit it some day.

The video was released recently by the British Council as a destination to study English. It highlights what Northern Ireland has to offer as a quality destination to learn English., also you can watch some statements of international students who have been studying in Northern Ireland and loved it.


If you have plans to study abroad, watch this video and consider Northern Ireland as a possible destination. If you want more information about it, visit: You can also contact the  British Council office for help and more information. Visit their page too get in touch

That’s all for now! Enjoy!

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